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We are committed to empowering our young people by providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

About REVAMP Africa

Raising Tomorrow's Leaders, Today!

REVAMP Africa is driven by a sincere dedication to positively impact the lives of young people.

We are a registered non-profit organisation dedicated to nurturing a new generation of young leaders and entrepreneurs who can effect meaningful change, especially in their immediate communities.

In support of our mission, we have designed targeted interventions and initiatives tailored to meet the unique needs of our youthful audience.

Our interventions provide leadership, education and enterprise development support for youths.

We recognise strongly that youths are the future and play a vital role towards nation building and economic growth.

Our Vision

To be Africa's foremost organisation recognised for grooming and raising young excellent leaders, who will make a positive difference at every level.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to educate, equip and empower young people, for personal transformation and social impact.

Our Purpose

Raising tomorrow's leaders, today!


These values serves as a compass for our work and how we implement them to achieve our organisational goals.

Servant Leadership

We are guided by a deep sense of dedication to supporting our communities, without any consideration of personal status.

Service Excellence

We are committed to delivering high-standard interventions and professionalism in all our programmes and activities.

Continuous Improvement

We are dedicated to consistently improving our processes to ensure we achieve and surpass our set objectives.


We demonstrate transparency, openness and accountability in all we do.


We remain committed to creating inclusive opportunities for everyone.


Working together helps us to learn, grow, and see things from new perspectives. 


Making Impact Since 2016

An initiative initially shared with two individuals has grown considerably over time, now boasting a team of 4236 fellow change makers.

Our programs are designed to transform and empower young people to develop the right values, redefine their personalities, and become more responsible in improving their communities.

Our efforts have been impactful, positively influencing academic performance and behavior, reducing unemployment rate, as well as bridging the leadership gap.

Since our establishment in 2016, we have directly impacted over 165,000 youths and have extended our reach to 27 states throughout Nigeria.

We are committed to sustaining and expanding our efforts with the goal of building a better future for all.

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We provide education, leadership and enterprise development support for underserved youths.

Values and Leadership Development Programme

Our Values and Leadership Development Programme (VLDP) empowers youths aged 10-18 with academic and leadership skills. We cultivate self-awareness, critical thinking and social skills to enable positive community leadership. We create a safe, supportive learning environment focused on character growth.

Young Excellent Leaders Academy

The Young Excellent Leaders Academy (YELA) is a more intensive programme through which REVAMP Africa equips selected participants from our VLDP programme with stronger leadership skills to become peer educators, positive influencers and drive posiitve change in their schools and immediate communities.

Teens/Youths Enterprise Support Programme

The Teens/Youths Development Programme (TYESP) offers young people an opportunity to acquire vocational, technical, soft, and business skills that enable them to be self-sufficient. Our goal is to support those who may not be able further their education due to financial constraints.

School Infrastructure Development Programme

Through our School Infrastructure Development Programme (SIDP), we collaborate with schools to foster a more conducive learning environment. Our focus is on reducing the challenges encountered by children in learning, promoting retention in school, and ultimately, enhancing academic outcomes.

She-Tech Digital Inclusion Programme For Female Youths

The She-Tech programme empowers young girls and women with digital/life skills to support their goals in the tech industry. We equip them knowledge and tools necessary to start their own small businesses, achieve financial independence, or pursue thriving careers in the fast-paced world of tech innovation.

She-Safe Online Intiative For Girls and Women

The 'She-Safe Online' program is designed to empower young girls and women, including those from underserved areas, to use the internet confidently and safely. Through this initiative, we aim to equip them with essential safety guidelines and techniques that they can in turn share with their peers and local community.

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