Teens/Youths Enterprise Support Programme

About The Teens Youths Enterprise Support Programme

The Teens and Youths Enterprise Support Programme (TYESP) develops the capacity of teenagers and youths, who cannot further their studies for economic reasons.


They are equipped with technical, soft and business skills to enable them to become self-sufficient.


These skills gained give them easy access to the market, enabling them to be able to start, manage, and grow their businesses.


Our end goal is to provide a platform that allows them to become self-sufficient to pursue their dreams, continue university education, even when there is little or no external financial support.


The TYES programme approach will help boost economic growth and improve access to quality education.

Students Impacted Through Our Financial Literacy Workshops
Teens and Youths Attended Our Skills Training Programmes
New Jobs Provided And Businesses Started By Our Participants

Our Programme Implementation Model

Our Financial Literacy Workshops

Our financial literacy workshops are designed to educate teenagers and youth on basic fundamentals regarding money.


Financial literacy is important because it equips them with the necessary knowledge and skills they need to make, manage and multiply money effectively. 


Through our partnership with Access Bank in the past three years, over 30,000 teens and youths around the six geo-political zones in Nigeria have participated in our financial literacy workshops. 

Our Skills Development Programmes

This initiative provides underserved teens and youths (secondary school leavers) with entrepreneurial skills that could be monetised easily to increase self-sufficiency to pursue their dreams.


Participants are equipped with technical soft, leadership and business skills to enable them to build sustainable businesses.


Our focus is on current demanded skills with little start-up systems:


i. Tech-Skills (Website design, graphics design, social media management, coding, programming, etc.


ii. Vocational Skills (Shoemaking,  Photography, Video Editing, Make-Up, etc.)

Internships and Apprenticeship

Participants from our TYES Programme would have opportunities for internship and apprenticeship as applicable.


The goal is to support them with hands-on and real-life experiences in business.


Such opportunities will expose them to the real business world, in which they would have opportunities to develop the right work ethics till they can stand on their own.

Social Impact Programme

Our social impact programme gives the participants the opportunity to give back almost immediately through knowledge sharing.


Through proper mentorship and guidance, they will train another group of participants within their communities based on all they had learnt for free.