Values and Leadership
Development Programme

We are dedicated to facilitating the growth of young individuals into accomplished leaders who will excel in their academic pursuits and impact their communities.

The Challenge

Youth leadership inclusion is vital to nation-building and economic growth. The best time young people can learn and develop essential leadership skills is in their formative years (11-18 years), which is usually the period they are in secondary school.


The character formed or built shapes their personality and values. This, in turn, affects their choices in life and automatically influences the kind of life they would live.


Through our previous projects in 83 public secondary schools across Nigeria, we discovered poor teaching delivery, low access to reading materials, bad school infrastructure, and badly equipped/functional libraries amongst other critical areas in these schools.


These problems account for the decline in character development, values, reading culture, academic performance, and demonstration of leadership in youths.


Our target groups are underserved youths in public secondary schools. The majority of these young ones from low-income homes may never get access to proper training or mentorship on leadership and life skills.


Values And Leadership Development Programme (VLDP)

The Values and Leadership Development Programme is designed to equip students between ages 10-18, particularly those in public secondary schools, with essential tools and skills to enhance their academic performance, character, interpersonal relationships, and personal leadership abilities.


Our eight-module curriculum provides the appropriate knowledge, practical guidance, and relevant skills to equip these young minds with the necessary resources to become leaders of themselves and create a positive social impact in their immediate environment.


Our programme aims to provide pertinent, practical, and relevant education to the students, which will aid them in leading a successful life.


Educate. Equip. Empower

1. To instill positive values in young individuals, helping them develop exemplary character and enhance their academic performance.


2. Through our programmes, we provide secondary school students with an opportunity to acquire essential life and leadership skills that will allow them to lead a purposeful life.


3. To improve the leadership skills of these students by 40% by establishing the Young Excellent Leaders Academy in their schools, just a month after the first phase of the programme.


We provide leadership training and mentorship to underserved youths.

Classroom Based Learning

Our comprehensive 8-module curriculum is designed to effectively enhance the learning experience of the young people. The beneficiaries are primed for success through facilitator-led workshops, engaging reading sessions, collaborative group work, and personalised reflective assessments.

Coaching and Mentoring

Participants benefit from the mentorship of experienced professionals. Their support and guidance help to foster the holistic growth of the students, developing their leadership abilities, and providing constructive feedback on their progress throughout the duration of our program.

Programme Grade Level

The beneficiaries of this program from public secondary schools (junior and senior) come from a diverse range of backgrounds, gender and experiences. We are proud to provide a platform that offers them the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential.
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