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Become A Volunteer

At REVAMP Africa, we recognise that to achieve our mission, we need the assistance, actively advocate engagement and involvement of well-meaning volunteers.


Our footprints are in many cities and states around Nigeria. We are delighted to work with devoted volunteers, who are willing to make a difference in their world.


You can volunteer as a facilitator or offer your skills in different ways.

reasons to VOLUNTEER with us

Why our foundation?

Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression. Haim Ginott’


REVAMP Africa is committed to providing all-round support to the growth and development of young people. Our programmes and initiatives make direct impact on our behaviours from the first day. 


Imagine a platform that gives you the opportunity to shape the future.  Wouldn’t you rather join us in raising tomorrow’s leaders, today?

  • As a volunteer with REVAMP Africa, you will help advance sustainable change through our  initiatives in your community.
  • You will help young people develop necessary skills to become excellent leaders.
  • Your active engagement as a REVAMP Africa volunteer will be an opportunity for you to make a positive difference. In the same vein, you will  hone your own skills, learn and create meaningful connections. 

Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering with REVAMP Africa gives you an opportunity to contribute and make an indelible impact on the people we serve.


Volunteers of REVAMP Africa make the sacrifice of their time, energy, finances, expertise and other resources towards our common goal.


There are various volunteering opportunities for you to make an impact and support the work we do at REVAMP Africa. Kindly sign up and see the different volunteering opportunities to choose from.

Volunteering Hours

Volunteering with us is a non-paid initiative. It is your own way of giving back to your community and contributing to national development.


REVAMP Africa awards Community Service Certificates to volunteers who have completed successfully 60 hours of community service with us.


Reference letters may be given as temporary documents, to volunteers who have completed at least 60% of the required 60 hours, pending the issuance of the community service certificate.

Join Over 4036 People Making a Difference

Volunteering with us requires a sacrifice of your time and physical presence to teach and impact the students during our school interventions. On-site facilitators go through a training process to get them acquainted with our impact model and delivery methods.


You can also volunteer by offering your skills and expertise in ways that can promote our cause, helping us achieve our goals.



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