We are resolute in our quest to reduce the rate of unemployment in Nigeria, especially amongst females, and bridge the gender equality gap for women and girls in tech.


Digital Inclusion For Female Youths in Nigeria...

One of the predominant issues in Nigeria is the high level of poverty, with unemployment serving as its principal root cause.

According to a poverty assessment test conducted by the World Bank in the post-COVID economy, the poverty line of Nigerians has increased from 40% in 2020 to 45% in 2022.

This and other reports demonstrate the pressing need to eradicate poverty or reduce its incidence to the nearest minimum possible in Nigerian society.

It is clear that the world is advancing rapidly, with technology being a key driver of economic growth.

Individuals and organizations are becoming more technologically sophisticated in their modes of operations and implementations.

The significant shortfall in technology education in Nigeria is evident, particularly among females.

This imbalance has resulted in unfavorable employment opportunities, financial incapacity, deprived rights, forced early marriages, diminished self-esteem, and other negative effects for young girls and women.

The average Nigerian female young person is excessively dependent on others for survival.


She-Tech Digital Inclusion For Girls and Women

The SHE-TECH BOOT CAMP is a professional program that aims to accelerate digital and life skills for girls and women living in underserved communities in Nigeria.

Our initiative is focused on equipping them with technical, soft and business skills which will enable them to become self-employed or employable.

The skills acquired by the girls and women will give them easy access to the market, providing them with employable jobs or giving them the ability to start, manage and expand their businesses.

Our ultimate objective is to provide a platform that allows them to become self-sufficient and pursue their dreams without relying solely on external financial support.

We will accomplish this by providing intensive training, internship, mentorship, and business start-up opportunities that will empower the participants with digital and life skills.


Educate. Equip. Empower

1. To provide digital literacy and skills to underserved female youths aged 13 to 25. We believe that proficiency in digital technologies can empower them to achieve personal, educational, and business goals.


2. To help girls and women acquire marketable skills, leading to greater employment opportunities and enabling them to start their tech-based businesses. Ultimately, we want to lift them out of poverty.


3. By creating a platform for young girls and women to build competencies, we aim to help them pursue careers in tech, become self-sufficient, and make meaningful contributions on their terms.


We firmly believe that through digital skills, we can inspire and empower these young women to realise their full potential.


We provide training, mentorship, internship and apprenticeship opportunities for female youths.

Digital Skills Training

The female beneficiaries will learn through our intensive 3-months digital skills training programme. The learning path centre on: Website Design/Development, Social Media Management/Advertisement, Graphics Design and other tech-based courses.


Participants from the She-Tech programme will gain hands-on business experience through internships and apprenticeships to develop work ethics. The goal is to support them with hands-on and real-life experiences in business.

Social Impact Initiative

This iniitative allows participants to give back by sharing their knowledge gained from the She-Tech programme. They will be required to mentor and guide another group in their community based on what they learnt for free.


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SHE-Tech Boot Camp ​

The 2023 SHE-TECH BOOT CAMP Program; a digital and life skills training is an incredible opportunity for female youths to accelerate their digital and life skills.

Apply immediately for an opportunity to learn digital skills for FREE. Limited slots available.

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