REVAMP Africa Organises She-Tech Boot Camp For Girls And Ladies

REVAMP Africa concluded The She-Tech Boot Camp, an intensive digital skills, online safety and life skills training for young girls and ladies (ages 13-25).

Bridging the Gender Gap in Tech, Reducing Unemployment and Eradicating Poverty!
Several researches have proven that there is a huge fallback in technology education in Nigeria, especially among the female gender. This inequality has led to unfavourable employment opportunities, financial incapacitation, deprived rights, forced early marriages, lowered self-esteem, to mention a few for young girls and women.

The average Nigerian female youth lives with too much dependence for survival.

In our quest to urgently bridge this gap of females in tech, eradicate poverty, and create room for economic growth in Nigeria, we kicked off the She-Tech Boot Camp; an initiative designed to empower young girls and women with digital and life skills, so that they can start up small businesses, become financially sustainable or build a career in tech.

48 female participants learnt Social Media Management and Marketing!

46 female participants learnt Website Design and Development!

12 female participants learnt graphics design.

Special Appearance!
Jeanne Clark, The Acting Public Affairs Officer, US Consulate General, Lagos gave special remarks on one of the days of the Boot Camp. She encouraged the young girls to embrace the training fully and take advantage of the opportunities the US Government has, especially for young girls and women in tech!

High Impact Training Sessions
The facilitators who are experts in their different various fields were present (both onsite and online) to educate and equip the participants. They spent extensive hours giving hands-on practical sessions and theoretical insights on the skills.

Each facilitator brought dimensions that contributed immensely to our overall objectives. If we conclude our classes in four words,, it would be – intensive, fun-filled, relatable and practical!

Immediate Impact…
Few days into the programme, the participants designed their first websites, created business pages for personal use and for clients. They designed their business logos for brand identity! In addition to the technical training, there was evidence of a paradigm shift with respect to their approach to life, career and the tech space!

“The Boot Camp experience was amazing. I had little knowledge about tech before coming to the program. The fact that I actually built a website for the first time within just a week of training was everything for me.’’ – Favour Ogwa (Participant).

“The She-Tech Boot Camp was really impactful. There was something new to learn everyday! I can run ads on Facebook for both personal and business use. Wow! I am really happy I attended the SheTech Boot Camp” – Angel Nsobundu (Participant).

“The She-Tech Boot Camp was the most amazing thing that has happened to me. It opened my eyes to all the opportunities lying around and it helped in restructuring my mindset” – Olajide Kikiope (Participant)

We will continue to organise She-Tech Boot Camps for more girls and young women!

The She-Tech Boot Camp was implemented FREE for all her female participants!

An empowered woman, produces an empowered nation.

We call on you to be a part of our team.


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