Nestle Nigeria Partners with REVAMP Africa for National Youth Leadership Mentoring Programme

REVAMP Africa successfully implemented her Youth Leadership Mentoring Programme. This initiative is designed to instil the right values, skills and attitudes requisite for success and positive personal development from an early age in children.

The Youth Leadership Mentoring Programme, which kicked off in June 2023 reached directly over 12,000 enthusiastic and motivated young leaders from 23 public secondary schools across the six geo-political zones in Nigeria.

The programme, now in its second phase, is a collaboration between REVAMP Africa and Nestlé Nigeria. The programme’s multifaceted approach aimed to instil essential skills, foster collaboration, and inspire a sense of responsibility among participants.

Key achievements and outcomes of the implemented national youth leadership training programme included distribution of free educational materials, skills development, mentoring, improved academic performance, positive behavioural changes, and leadership development.

Participants engaged in a series of dynamic workshops over a 4-week period that covered critical leadership skills such as Values/Morality, Goal Setting, Time Management, Interpersonal Skills, Class Participation Techniques, and other essential leadership topic. The hands-on approach facilitated a profound transformation in the participants’ ability to lead themselves effectively.

The mentorship component of the programme proved to be a cornerstone of success. About 500 mentors from REVAMP Africa and 280 staff members of Nestlé Nigeria played a pivotal role in guiding the young ones how to succeed in their personal and academic pursuits. Sharing insights, real-life experiences and close follow-up helped to create memorable and meaningful connections that lingered beyond the duration of the programme.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants, mentors, and school leaders was amazing. Participants expressed increased confidence, a greater sense of purpose, and a commitment to continued personal and community development.

We are thrilled to commence another stream of the transformative Youth Leadership Mentoring Programme in collaboration with Nestlé Nigeria. The programme is designed to empower and nurture the leaders of tomorrow through experiential learning. Young people will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in real scenarios, learn from successful REVAMP Africa and Nestlé Nigeria leaders who have made a difference in various fields.’

We are excited at every opportunity to shape the future and be among those proffering solutions to raising tomorrow’s leaders, rather than complaining, while doing nothing. It is amazing that a discussion that kicked off in a car has transformed to a national phenomenom making direct impact on those who will lead themselves, and champion positive changes that would make Nigeria a greater nation. We are confident of the positive impact this initiative will make in the lives of all the participants.

REVAMP Africa is on a mission to educate, equip and empower young people, for personal transformation and social impact. As an organisation dedicated to raising tomorrow’s leaders, today, we are excited to witness the transformative impact of our Youth Leadership Program. By investing in the youths, we are investing in a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

As REVAMP Africa celebrates the success of her youth leadership programmes that have directly impacted over 180, 000 students across 30 states in Nigeria, our commitment to ‘raising tomorrow’s leaders, today’ remains unwavering. We are building on this success for future interventions, while expanding our reach and sustainable impact to even more young leaders across Nigeria, and Africa.

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