How I improved in my grades and attitude after REVAMP Africa visited my school

The Excellence in Character and Academic Performance (ECAP) is one of our major programmes through which REVAMP Africa provides values and leadership training for youths in public secondary schools. The ECAP programmes help to equip the students with skills which drive improvement in their moral behaviour, academic performance, reading culture, financial intelligence, interpersonal skills and personal leadership.

We believe that the journey to building transformation is not done in a day, but can be built consistently over a period of time. Hence, we adopted this principle in the implementation of the ECAP programme.

The ECAP programme runs extensively for 4 weeks in public secondary schools to ensure that the students are well equipped in their journey to becoming tomorrow’s leaders. We are able to implement our programmes with the approval/support of state ministries of education and educational boards.

In this article, a young girl tells the story of how our ECAP programme helped her immensely.

Here is Ayomide in JSS 1 at our ECAP program

How I struggled with poor grades and low self-esteem in JSS1.
My name is Ayomide. I attend Ikeja Junior High School. My first term results in JSS 1 were really poor. I was very sad. I was constantly ill at that time and everything affected my confidence and self-esteem. I couldn’t really relate well with my peers.

I kept to myself and had no friends to relate with or share my problems with. I wanted an improvement in results but I didn’t know how to go about it. I am the first child in my family and had no older siblings to look up to.

The BreakThrough

REVAMP Africa visited my school in 2018 for the ECAP programme. They spent one hour every Wednesday teaching us life skills around values, goal setting, time management, interpersonal relationship and class participation techniques.

They taught all students from JSS 1 to JSS 3. They had two facilitators per class.

All students including myself were given the book; Keys to Excelling in Secondary School. I was encouraged to read the book as a supporting resource to our learning experience. 

I made sure that I was not just reading the book, but applying the principles that were shared to my academics and personal life. I learned how to set goals and manage my time as a student. I also learned how to improve my study pattern.

They returned to our school again and kicked off the Young Excellent Leaders Academy (YELA) for a full school term. They ran it like a school club, and I was selected to participate. The programme was very effective, and I looked forward to their visit every week.

By the end of the next term, my academic performance had improved significantly by over 40%. I maintained that and kept improving each term. My self confidence improved and I was able to make new good friends. I am considered as one of the most sought after students in my school today. I would be moving to SSS 2 when schools resume in September.

The Impact of ECAP
The high level of distractions and societal vices have deposited a huge fallback in character and academic performance of students. As seen in the case of Ayomide, some students understand that there is a problem and they genuinely desire to change and improve, but don’t know how to go about it or have limited opportunities for mentorship.

Research shows that there is an increasing rate in the number of school dropouts and this has led to an influx of societal damage, unemployment, to mention a few. Some students drop out of schools(across all levels) due to poor grades in academic performance.

With education being the bedrock for nation building, the need to build character and academic performance in youths is very expedient as these are agendas for personal and societal transformation.

Our mandate at REVAMP Africa is to reach the under-served youths and help infuse the right values, skills and qualities in them. Over the last six years, we have been able to directly impact 162,000 students in 82 secondary schools across Nigeria through our ECAP programme and we are still striving to do more.

Ayomide visits REVAMP Africa Office.
Ayomide’s improvement in her academics and behaviour is an evidence of the impact of our Excellence in Character and Academic Performance Programme. She is in SSS 2 today and still on the journey to greatness. She visited our office to share her story.

We are certain there are many more young people like her, and we will keep updating you on our journey to raising tomorrow’s leaders, today!

Our goal is to impact 1,000,000 youths within the next five years. As you know, ‘a bunch of brooms sweeps better than a few sticks of broom’.

We call on you to be a part of our team.


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